Live Fire Testing

Chemguard performs both "top-side" and sprinkler fire tests at our Fire Test Facility, located in Mansfield, Texas, adjacent to the company headquarters.  A versatile operation, the Fire Test Facility is equipped for a wide variety of fire test standards, including:

  • UL 162
  • FM 5130
  • MIL-F-24385F
  • Large area storage tank fire (LASTFIRE) protocol
  • ICAO
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Chinese Standards GB 15308
  • EN1568
  • GB 17427
  • MSC Circ. 582

Because the Chemguard Fire Test Facility is situated next to our manufacturing plant, testing organizations can take samples of fire suppressant chemicals from batches as they come out of the blender, offering a high level of control over samples.

Chemguard also provides a location for local municipal fire departments to train on live fires.

For more information, contact fire suppression customer support.