Chemguard History

Noteworthy Dates

Chemguard began as a manufacturer of dry chemicals in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Incorporated and began the development of AFFF foam concentrates.
Achieved the first UL Listings for AFFF foam concentrates.
Created and brought to market more than 20 UL Listed foam concentrates.
Relocated to the new world headquarters and manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Texas.
Introduced new product line of foam systems hardware.
Built new manufacturing facility for foam systems hardware line.
Received ISO 9001 Certification. Acquired Haz-Tank Fabricators. Received ASME approval to manufacture bladder tanks.
Acquired MSA high-expansion foam generator product line.
Introduced novel hydrocarbon surfactant and two fluorochemical surfactants for use in AFFF agents.
Introduced UL Listed foam blending facilities worldwide.
Developed new low-fluorine line of AFFF and AR-AFFF agents using Chemguard-manufactured surfactants.
Acquired Ciba Specialty Chemicals LodyneTM fluorosurfactants business for use in fire-fighting foam agents.
Acquired Ciba Specialty Chemicals LodyneTM fluorosurfactants business for use in leveling and wetting agents.
Began serving overseas customers from Rotterdam warehouse. Received USCG approval for AFFF foam stations and hose reel stations.
Increased chemical plant manufacturing capacity by 50%.
Introduced new perfluorinated surfactant line.
Introduced low-surface-tension fluorosurfactant for fire-fighting foams, wetting/leveling fluorosurfactant for coatings and metal-working applications, and partially fluorinated acrylic polymer for protecting solid surfaces and fabric.
Developed EXTREME specialized Class A foam for compressed air foam systems (CAFS) and fluorine-free Ecoguard foam concentrate for topside and sprinkler applications. Partnered with Williams Fire & Hazard to formulate the next evolution of foam concentrates and introduced F-601B 1x3 AR-AFFF.
Acquired Williams Fire & Hazard Control as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Introduced new positive-displacement foam concentrate pump line.  

Chemguard was founded in 1984 in Grand Prairie, Texas, to produce dry chemicals for industrial and municipal fire fighting.  Within three years, Chemguard expanded into foam fire suppression products and began developing aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) concentrates.  During the next decade, a number of Chemguard fire-fighting foam products became UL Listed and FM Approved, the company added an extensive foam systems hardware manufacturing facility, and Chemguard achieved ISO 9001 certification.

In 2003 and 2004, Chemguard acquired the Lodyne™ fluorosurfactant and foam stabilizers business and the specialty Lodyne™ fluorosurfactant business from Ciba Specialty Chemicals and created a Specialty Chemicals Division to market the Ciba products and develop new fluorosurfactants for the fire-fighting and coatings industries.

In 2007, Chemguard began to engineer and test a line of durable foam pumps for fire-protection systems.

Today, Chemguard has more than 20 UL Listed and FM Approved foam concentrates – the most extensive line of effective, environmentally friendly fire-fighting products in the industry – as well as a growing selection of specialty fluorosurfactant products and a new line of foam pumps. 

Early Fire Suppression Foam and Hardware Innovation

Chemguard enjoyed impressive growth during its first few years.  In 1988, after thousands of hours of research and development and hundreds of live fire tests, the first Chemguard AFFF concentrates were UL Listed.  UL Listing for alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF), film-forming fluoroprotein (FFFP), high-expansion foam, and protein foam concentrate quickly followed. 

In addition to expanding its chemical product line, during the early years Chemguard also began to design and manufacture fire-fighting hardware, including fixed-system proportioning equipment, discharge devices, and portable equipment. 

In 1992, Chemguard moved into a new manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Mansfield, Texas, integrating research and development, chemical processing, and hardware manufacturing at one location.  A year later, the company introduced a new line of foam systems hardware.  In 1995, Chemguard constructed a new hardware manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand for the company’s custom-engineered trailer-mounted and skid-mounted foam systems. 


Enhanced R&D, Global Distribution

During 1997, Chemguard received IS0 9001 certification (now 9001:2008).  The same year the company also acquired Haz-Tank Fabricators and received American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approval to manufacture bladder tanks. In 1998, Chemguard acquired the MSA high-expansion foam generator product line.

In January 1998, Chemguard assumed the leadership position in fire-suppression foam product innovation by committing to new fluorosurfactant- and fluoropolymer-based products. Chemguard believed that new surfactants were needed for AFFF formulations, both to improve environmental suitability and to reduce the reliance on costly fluorochemical surfactants. 

Chemguard built a new, high-technology organic/synthetic research laboratory and mounted an intense three-year research and development program. This effort resulted in the development and commercialization of HS-100, a specialty hydrocarbon surfactant (HCS) that provides excellent foam expansion and drain-time properties in AFFF agents without interfering with the performance of fluorochemical surfactants (FCSs). Chemguard also developed FS-100, a custom FCS that provides exceptional film spreading properties in the presence of HS-100. With these two proprietary surfactants, Chemguard developed (and obtained UL Listings on) AFFF and AR-AFFF agents having 30-70% lower fluorine content than competitive products.

Chemguard announced a breakthrough new line of high-efficiency AFFF agents with dramatically lower fluorine in spring 2000 at the National Fire Protection Association show – by coincidence the same day that 3M announced its exit from various fluorochemical markets due to global environmental concerns over the persistence of perfluorooctanyl sulfonate (PFOS).  A key factor in Chemguard’s successful product innovation was the syntheses of FCS from telomer-based fluorocarbons, completely excluding the use of PFOS and PFOS derivatives.

Also in 2000, Chemguard established UL Listed remote blending facilities throughout the world. These operations benefit customers by improving product delivery time and reducing delivery costs.


Chemguard and Ciba LodyneTM Fluorosurfactants

Chemguard’s 2003 purchase of the Ciba Specialty Chemicals Lodyne™ fluorosurfactants and foam stabilizers business included about 50% of the total volume of fluorosurfactants and foam stabilizers sold for firefighting worldwide. The Ciba products became part of a new Specialty Chemicals Division of Chemguard, run independently of Chemguard's fire protection business.

Chemguard’s 2004 acquisition of the Ciba Specialty Chemicals specialty Lodyne™ fluorosurfactants business included five fluorosurfactants that provide excellent wetting and leveling properties and surface-tension reduction.  This business, too, became part of the Chemguard Specialty Chemicals Division.  Chemguard now produces products for numerous fluorosurfactant applications, from adhesives, caulks, and cleaners to etching and plating to oil and gas fields.


Increased Capacity and a Pump Product Line

In 2005, Chemguard began serving overseas customers through a Rotterdam, Netherlands, warehouse.  The company also received U.S. Coast Guard approval for AFFF foam stations and hose reel stations.

In response to market demand, Chemguard increased chemical plant manufacturing capacity by 50% during 2006.

In 2007, Chemguard introduced a new perfluorinated surfactant line. 

In 2010, Chemguard introduced a new line of UL Listed and FM Approved positive-displacement foam concentrate pumps for the fire-protection industry.  Manufactured by Chemguard and constructed from corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel, the pumps set new standards for foam concentrate pump performance and reliability.

Chemguard – well established in the fire-suppression industry, emerging as a leader in fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals, and a solid new pump supplier – is continuing its tradition of ongoing product development, driven by customer requirements and market demand.

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