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Product Name: Salt-Water High-X

Chemguard C2-S, High Expansion foam is a multipurpose foam concentrate that forms an effective vapor barrier in hazardous material spill and fire fighting situations. It is also used for fire extinguishment. C2-S is uniquely suited for use with salt water. It is surfactant based, biodegradable, highly water retentive and approved by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. It is used at a proportioning rate of 2% (two parts product to 98 parts water).

C2-S Foam Concentrate can be used with high expansion equipment to combat three-dimensional fires where total flooding is the objective (such as marine engine spaces, paint booths, paper warehouses, airplane hangars and mines). When used with high expansion equipment, C2-S foam concentrate produces a stable blanket of bubbles that can quickly build up to help suffocate flames. The long lasting foam also helps prevent re-ignition.


  • C2-S performs equally well in either fresh water solutions, or salt-water solutions.
  • C2-S is also designed to withstand the harsh environments produced by fires. It is therefore acceptable for use with high expansion equipment, which draws air from the fire’s environment rather than pulling in fresh air from an area not involved with the fire. (a.k.a. “inside air applications”)
  • It has demonstrated fire control capability with contained flammable liquefied gases, including LNG and LPG.


When C2-S foam is mixed with water in the correct proportion, expansion ratios of up to 1,000 to 1 can be achieved. This expansion ratio is dependent on the type of discharge device and pressure of system when operating.


Appearance Clear Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.02 g/ml
pH 7.8
Viscosity 250 cps


Chemguard C2-S is biodegradable, low in toxicity, and can be treated in sewage plants. Please refer further to Chemguard Technical Bulletin regarding foam products and the environment


If kept in the original unopened and airtight Chemguard supplied container and stored within the temperature range of 42°F-120°F,(5.5°C- 49°C), a shelf life of between 20–25 years can be expected. When stored other than the original supplied container, check with Chemguard for storage guidelines.


Part No: Container Weight
770187 55-Gallon Pail / 208 L 496 lbs.


Product #C2S
Typical ApplicationShip Engine Rooms


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