Wetting & Leveling Fluorosurfactants
Wetting & Leveling Fluorosurfactants

Chemguard high-performance water- and solvent-based fluorosurfactants have extensive industrial and manufacturing applications. Available as foaming and low-foaming agents, Chemguard fluorosurfactants are soluble in polar solvents (S-554-100 and S-550-100 for non-polar formulations). We manufacture all types of fluorosurfactants: amphoteric, anionic, cationic, and nonionic. With surfactant and chemical properties far exceeding non-fluorinated surfactants, our fluorosurfactants provide low surface tension, high wetting, and excellent thermostability at concentrations as low as 50-1000 parts per million (0.005-0.100%). 

See Wetting & Leveling Fluorosurfactants Applications.

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Fire-Fighting Foam Surfactants
Fire-Fighting Foam Surfactants

NOTE: See Fire Suppression for foams, equipment, and systems used in fire-fighting applications.

Chemguard offers the most extensive line of fluorosurfactants for formulating all categories of fire-fighting foam products in the market today. These include aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF), and protein foams. 

Chemguard's heat-stable fire-fighting foam fluorosurfactants produce very dense, highly stable foam and exhibit outstanding fire-fighting properties. Low concentrations of fluorosurfactants can be used in conventional formulations, reducing the total release into the environment when used in fighting fires.  These telomer-based products are the safest fluorosurfactants on the market today.

Chemguard's technical staff can help you optimize formulations to assist you in obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies worldwide.

For additional information on Chemguard fire-fighting foam surfactants, see Fire-Fighting Foam Surfactants Applications.
Fluoropolymers for Repellency
Fluoropolymers for Repellency
Chemguard offers an extensive line of fluoropolymers for use as repellents in hard surface, paper, textile, leather coatings. The key advantages are:

Innovative SHORT-CHAIN (C6) chemistry
Excellent hydrophobicity and oleophobicity
Exceptional Oil, Water, Alcohol and Soil Repellency
Vapor permeable to reduce cracking of outdoor hard surfaces
Good stability on alkaline surfaces (Masonry, grout, concrete)
Excellent stability
Unparalleled quality and service
Customized product and application formulations

Chemguard's technical staff can help you optimize formulations to assist you in obtaining the best results.