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CHEMGUARD FS-226 is a highly efficient, short-chain nonionic fluorosurfactant at 40% actives. Developed as a replacement for DX2200 and FS-221, it can be used in combination with other fluorosurfactants (i.e. CHEMGUARD S-103A, CHEMGUARD FS-818-6, and CHEMGUARD FS-157) to formulate premium AFFF agents meeting the US Military specification (Mil-F-24385F). It provides excellent performance in FP, AFFF, FFFP, and polar formulations. CHEMGUARD FS-226 is highly compatible with anionic, cationic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactants. This fluorosurfactant is soluble in tap and sea water. It is especially useful in providing improved burnback resistance and deluge resistance from sprinklers. Excellent hot edge sealing is obtained with as little as 0.5% of CHEMGUARD FS-226 in a 3% AFFF or FP concentrates.