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CHEMGUARD FS-229 is a highly efficient, short-chain nonionic fluorosurfactant at 40% actives. Developed as a replacement for CHEMGUARD FS-9090 and CHEMGUARD FS-909-7, it is used to form an excellent polar solvent vapor barrier in premium AR-AFFF foam agents. It can be used in combination with other fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers (i.e. CHEMGUARD FP-326, CHEMGUARD FP-5103, CHEMGUARD S-103A, CHEMGUARD FS-818-6, and CHEMGUARD FS-157). It provides excellent foam properties and drain times when used in the presence of polysaccharides, especially in sea water. It also helps improve hot edge sealing properties and burnback performance in AR-AFFF agents.