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Chemguard S-764P is a short-chain perfluoro-based VOC-Free anionic fluorosurfactant of the phosphate ester type. It provides surface tensions as low as 17 dynes/cm in water at very low concentrations. It also has excellent dynamic surface tension properties, allowing for rapid attainment of low-equilibrium surface tensions. Chemguard S-764P imparts excellent wetting, leveling, and flow-control properties on various types of water-based coatings for architectural paints and stains, concrete coatings, and industrial coatings, as well as for aqueous hydrocarbon surfactant solutions. Chemguard S-764P is low foaming and can provide improved dirt pick-up resistance to exterior paints and interior low-gloss paints, sealers, and stains.

Chemguard S-764P provides excellent anti-blocking for low-VOC and no-VOC architectural paints. S-764P is an excellent replacement for competitive products currently offered. Contact Chemguard for recommendations.

See Wetting & Leveling Fluorosurfactants Applications.

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