Wood Stains & Sealers

Chemguard fluorosurfactants are effective in wetting soiled and contaminated surfaces, including new wood with a difficult-to-penetrate surface due to improper curing or drying. The addition of fluorosurfactants can allow wood to be used without additional drying times (and costs). Using Chemguard fluorosurfactants in stains can eliminate voids and surface defects caused by entrapped bubbles during mixing or application. The use of fluorosurfactants in formulations can reduce usage costs because of improved pore penetration, which allows lower application rates and reduces waste formation.

See Wetting & Leveling Fluorosurfactants product catalog. Select S-760P, S-761P, or S-228M for water-based systems and S-554-100 or S-550-100 for solvent-based systems.

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