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Specialty Chemicals Division Announces 2008 Show Schedule

January 3, 2008

The Chemguard Specialty Chemicals Division anticipates a busy schedule for shows and other events during 2008. 

“To give prospective customers the opportunity to discuss in detail the advantages of Chemguard fluorosurfactants in their particular application, we present our product line at as many coatings shows in North America and Europe as possible,” said Specialty Chemicals Division Sales and Marketing Senior Manager Bob Gilbert.  “We encourage prospective customers to contact us for technical information and samples, so they can learn how our fluorosurfactants can improve their formulations.”

The table below lists the events currently scheduled for 2008. 




January 3-5

World of Concrete

Las Vegas, Nevada

January 27-30

Paint And Coatings Expo

Los Angeles, California

April 20-23

Southern Society for Coatings Technology

Destin, Florida

April 21-23

International Coatings for Plastics Symposium

Lombard, Illinois

May 1

Detroit Society for Coatings Technology

Detroit, Michigan

May 6-7

Philadelphia Coatings Show

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 20-22

Sink or Swim Conference

Akron, Ohio

June 3-5

American Coatings Show

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Chemguard is a global, full-service, ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer of fire suppression foams, equipment, and systems; specialty pumps; and fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals.  Known for advanced R&D, engineering/design expertise, quality manufacturing, and high-quality, field-tested products, Chemguard provides unmatched customer support.