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Chemguard Joins Top 100, Featured in Business Press

August 27, 2008

Recent coverage in the Fort Worth Business Press highlighted Chemguard’s growth and expansion into new markets.

In “Chemguard Branches Out,” the Business Press described Chemguard’s emergence from a 1980s start-up producing dry chemicals for industrial and municipal firefighting to a global manufacturer of firefighting foams, foam systems, and specialty chemicals that today serves clients around the world.

“The company is in the process of expanding again with a foam pump division,” reporter Elizabeth Bassett noted, “and products will be going to market in January 2009.”

Chemguard is committed to producing products that do not negatively impact the environment, which Bassett acknowledged.  “’We’re going greener as a country and as a world,’” she quoted Chemguard founder Roger Bower, “’and as technology improves, not only do we want to provide a better firefighting product but also a greener and more friendly firefighting product.’”

The feature article resulted from Chemguard joining for the first time the select group of companies in the Business PressTop 100 Private Companies” list.  Seventy sixth in the annual listing of the area’s nonpublicly traded businesses with the highest revenues, Chemguard was one of 26 companies new to the list this year.  Rankings for the list were based on 2006 revenues.

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Chemguard is a global, full-service, ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer of fire suppression foams, equipment, and systems; specialty pumps; and fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals.  Known for advanced R&D, engineering/design expertise, quality manufacturing, and high-quality, field-tested products, Chemguard provides unmatched customer support.