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Chemguard Introduces EXTREME Class A Foam Concentrate for CAFS Applications

January 2, 2009 

Chemguard has introduced EXTREME, a noncorrosive, nontoxic, and biodegradable Class A fire suppression foam concentrate specifically formulated for compressed air foam systems (CAFS).  At concentrations of 0.1%-1.0%, EXTREME produces a thick foam blanket that clings to horizontal and vertical surfaces with minimal runoff, allowing the water to absorb more heat and providing greater penetration into Class A fuels.  

EXTREME is a premium Class A foam, specifically designed for CAFS applications,” noted Chemguard Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Vieweger.  “In addition to reducing the surface tension of water, EXTREME can reduce water consumption by up to 70%.  Also, EXTREME can be used with fresh, salt, and brackish water.”

Suitable for non-air-aspirating, aspirating, and medium-expansion handline nozzles, Chemguard EXTREME can be used on a wide variety of Class A fuels, including coal, paper, rubber (tires), and wood, as well as on municipal landfill fires and extreme mulch fires.  EXTREME can be very beneficial as a foaming agent or wetting agent when used on helicopters with fixed tanks or Bambi buckets and on fixed-wing airplanes. EXTREME can be premixed using portable tanks or proportioned directly onboard aircraft.

In mines and other subsurface environments, EXTREME can shorten recovery time and cut costs in toxic gases dissipation and fire-fighting operations.  Because it is a semi-solid, nitrogen-enhanced EXTREME displaces toxic gasses while slowly releasing conservative amounts of nitrogen, maintaining dilution in the foamed areas of the mine.  Because of its penetrating and wetting characteristics, the foam saturates the interior from floor to ceiling, entering cracks and crevices and effectively soaking out all sources of ignition.  (See Chemguard Gas-Displacement Foam Dilutes CO in Virginia Mine.)

EXTREME CAFS Class A foam does not contain reportable components under SARA Title 111/Section 313.F/40 CFR-372 or CERCLA. 

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