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Chemguard Introduces S-550 & S-559 Fluorosurfactants at the American Coatings Show

June 4, 2008

Chemguard, a leading manufacturer of fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals for wetting/leveling applications, introduced the new S-550 and S-559 fluorosurfactants at the American Coatings Show (booth 1866) this week. 

“Chemguard has expanded support for coatings and metal-working applications with the addition of S-550 and S-559 to our fluorosurfactants product line,” said Specialty Chemicals Division Sales and Marketing Senior Manager Bob Gilbert.  “Both products impart exceptionally low surface tensions and can be used in a wide variety of solvent systems.”

Available as 100% actives and in 40% diluted form, S-550 and S-559 lower surface tension at very low use levels.  Proprietary perfluoroalkyl-substituted polyethers, S-550 and S-559 exhibit high thermal stability and excellent shelf life.  The new fluorosurfactants are nonflammable and have very low color and high purity (low by-product content).

S-550 and S-559, which are comparable to Zonyl® FSO and Zonyl® FSN, have a variety of applications:



Graphic arts

Improve print definition

Waxes and polishes

Improve wetting and leveling and reduce cratering


Improve wetting and anti-soiling


Improve wetting and tackifier characteristics

Metal Plating

Improve etching, suppress acid mist, and reduce scale build-up


Act as an internal lubricant, coupling agent, and antisoilant


Reduce surface tension with low adsorption potential

Pilot quantities of the S-550 and S-559 fluorosurfactants are now available.

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Chemguard is a global, full-service, ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer of fire suppression foams, equipment, and systems; specialty pumps; and fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals.  Known for advanced R&D, engineering/design expertise, quality manufacturing, and high-quality, field-tested products, Chemguard provides unmatched customer support.