Premix Units

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Chemguard’s Premixed Self-contained AFFF Units are designed for use in areas where flammable liquids are manufactured stored or transported. The unit can also be supplied with high expansion foam or Class “A” foam in lieu of AFFF as the premix solution for the structure, automobile, or fires involving Class “A” materials. Because the foam concentrate and water are already in a premix form the unit is fully self-contained and requires no outside water source, pumping equipment or proportioning device. Nitrogen cylinders are used to pressurize the unit and expel the foam solution through a hose reel containing 100 ft. of 1-1/2” I.D. hard rubber discharge hose and 60 gpm nozzle with ball shut off and pistol grip. If required, the unit can be equipped with the ability to divert a small portion of the nitrogen into the discharging foam solution to form an aerated mixture (CAFS). This is particularly useful if the unit is going to be used with Class “A” foam concentrate in premix form.


  • Seven standard size models available
  • One-man operation
  • Quick acting actuator to place unit in service
  • Completely self-contained (no outside power source or water supply required)
  • Skid mounted or  trailer mounted
  • Tank constructed to ASME requirements


  • Corrosion resistant package
  • Vinyl weather cover
  • Can be equipped with nitrogen injection device for aerating foam solution (CAFS)
  • Hose reel with brake and easily operated hand crank rewind
  • One or two hose reels depending on customer requirements
  • Custom designs and capacities sizes available upon request
  • Fixed system installations available:
    • (LOP)Loss of pressure actuation system
    • Explosion proof 24VDC solenoid


Part No: Tank Size 


50   Gal. Premix Tank


100 Gal. Premix Tank


150 Gal. Premix Tank


200 Gal. Premix Tank


250 Gal. Premix Tank


300 Gal. Premix Tank


500 Gal. Premix Tank