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Foam Chambers

Designed to deliver foam directly onto the surface of flammable or combustible liquid and lessen submergence of the foam, CHEMGUARD foam chambers are installed on flammable liquid storage tanks just below the roof joint. Flow rates for these UL Listed, type 2 discharge devices (NFPA 11), can vary, depending on the application.

Foam solution is supplied to a chamber from outside the hazard area, either from a fixed foam-storage and proportioning system or from a dry-pipe semi-fixed system that receives foam solution from a mobile foam apparatus. Upon entering the chamber the foam solution is expanded and then discharged against a deflector mounted inside the storage tank. The deflector (split or solid) directs the foam against the inside wall of the storage tank, reducing the agitation of the fuel.

CHEMGUARD foam chambers are suitable for use with hydrocarbons or polar solvent fuels, as well as with all low-expansion foam concentrates, proteins, and synthetics.


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