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Pump Skids

CHEMGUARD balanced-pressure proportioning pump skids and in-line balanced-pressure (ILBP) proportioning pump skids are designed and manufactured for a wide range of applications. Often used for fire protection in large facilities – such as aircraft hangars and flammable-liquid storage areas – CHEMGUARD pump skids are designed to deliver large quantities of foam concentrate, accurately proportioned into the water stream.

CHEMGUARD pump skids are built to customer specifications and/or according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Supplied with manual override capabilities, our pump skid systems operate over a wide range of flows and pressures and do not require manual adjustment. Diesel and gasoline drivers are available.

Compatible with all CHEMGUARD foam concentrates, our pump skids are fully tested at our manufacturing facility and shipped ready to install.

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In-Line Balanced Pressure (ILBP) Proportioning Units
Balanced-Pressure  Proportioning Pump Skids

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