Hose Reel Foam Stations

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The Chemguard Foam Fire Fighting Station is a self contained unit that relies only on water flow and pressure to place the system into operation. It is designed to be installed in a fixed location such as processing, storage or handling areas where it is used to control fires or spills of flammable or combustible liquids. The unit is constructed in such a manner that one person may operate it to its full potential with the speed and effectiveness necessary in an emergency situation when foam is necessary. The 60-gallon unit holds 60-gallons of foam concentrate, has a 95-gpm in-line eductor prepiped to a fixed mounted continuous flow hose reel containing 100’ of 1.5” hard rubber hose and a hand line nozzle with ball shut off. The 36-gallon units holds 36-gallons of foam concentrate, has a 95 gpm in-line eductor prepiped to 100’ of 1.5” UL-19 flat fold hose and a handline nozzle with ball shut off. All that is required to place either unit in operation is to fill the foam concentrate storage tank with the correct type and quantity of foam concentrate and connect a suitable water source to the inlet of the in-line eductor.


  • Nozzle is a non air-aspirating type, which has a better stream and gives a constant flow whether on straight stream or fog patterns. Nozzle flow rate is 95 gpm @ 100 psi.
  • Foam concentrate storage tank is manufactured of type 316 stainless steel.
  • Galvanized hose reel is mounted on top of tank. (60-Gallon Units Only)
  • Fiberglass hose box is mounted on top of the tank. (36-Gallon Unit Only)
  • Tank is supplied with ½” drain plug and 4” fill opening on top of tank.
  • Tank can be refilled during operation of the unit.
  • In-line eductor pickup tube has manual ball valve that can be closed so that unit can be used with water only.
  • In-line eductor has variable metering valve 1% - 3% - 6%. Coast Guard approved units for helidecks fixed at 3%.
  • Brass manifold with full-port ball valves.
  • Suitable for use with any type foam concentrate.


  • Unit can be supplied with fiberglass foam concentrate storage tank.
  • Other size in-line eductors and nozzle selections available.
  • Custom design systems available with tanks in various capacities, two or more in-line eductors and hose reels.
  • 60-Gallon USCG units have option of NST or NPSH threads on in-line eductor, hose & hand line nozzle.
  • 60-Gallon units have option of pistol grip on hand line nozzle.


If the unit is to be used with any of the AR-AFFF type foam concentrates, it is recommended that a thin layer of mineral oil be placed on the surface of the concentrate to minimize evaporation.


EF10357 60-Gallon Foam Station, complete with 316 SS Tank, Galvanized Hose Reel, 100’ x 1.5” Hard
Rubber Hose, Brass By-Pass Manifold with CE95 NPSH Eductor and SB95P Hand Line Nozzle
( Not Coast Guard Approved)
EF12680 36-Gallon Foam Station, USCG Approved for 3% AFFF or 3% AR-AFFF with UL-19 Flat Fold
Fire hose stored in a hose box on top of the tank and USCG approved nozzle
( Approved for use on Open Deck to replace a required fire hose station)

60-Gallon Foam Hose Reel Station, USCG Approved, 316 SS Tank, Galvanized Hose Reel
Mounted on Top of Tank and complete with one of the choices below:
( Approved for protection of helicopter landing pads without refueling facilities on Mobile
Offshore Drilling Units and for the use as required Fire Main System Equipment


Choose Foam Type:
     01   3% AFFF
     02   3% AR-AFFF


Choose Hose & Nozzle Type:
     01   1.5” x 100’ USCG Hose, NPSH Threads, Standard Grip USCG Nozzle #EP11098
     02   1.5” x 100’ USCG Hose, NPSH Threads, Pistol Grip USCG Nozzle #EP11099
     03   1.5” x 100’ USCG Hose, NST Threads, Standard Grip USCG Nozzle #EP11274
     04   1.5” x 100’ USCG Hose, NST Threads, Pistol Grip USCG Nozzle #EP11275


Size of Unit Dry Weight Shipping Weight Weight w/Foam Concentrate
60-Gallon 385 Pounds (175 kg) 435 Pounds (197.7 kg) 890 Pounds (404.5 kg)
36-Gallon 120 Pounds (54.4 kg) 170 Pounds (77.1 kg) 443 Pounds (200.9 kg)