Rim Seal Foam Pourer

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The rim seal foam pourer is designed to discharge fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of the open top floating roof storage tanks for fire or vapor suppression. Fully aspirated foam provides the most effective performance for all types of foam concentrates.

The rim seal foam pourer is designed utilizing the UL Listed CGFLR-30 or CGFLR-90 Foam Makers. The rim pourer design provides protection from the wind, allowing the aspirated foam to gently discharge onto the protected area of the floating roof tank. Gentle application minimizes submergence and agitation, increasing the effectiveness of the foam blanket. This design allows a uniform and cohesive foam flow.

The CGFLR-30-FP and CGFLR-90-FP Rim Seal Foam Pourers are both classified as Type II discharge devices in accordance with NFPA 11, "Standard for Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion Foam."

The cover of the unit, opposite of the foam solution inlet, is designed for removal to allow for internal inspection. The unit can be mounted on the top flange of the fuel storage tank utilizing the mounting holes located in the base of the rim seal foam pourer or by the use of clamps.

A screened air inlet, conforming to the cylindrical body, allows uniform air distribution into the foam solution stream to generate expanded foam. This design also helps prevent damage and inhibits the entrance of foreign materials.

A removable orifice plate at the threaded inlet is sized to deliver foam solution over a range of flow rates depending on the inlet pressure. The acceptable operating pressure range is 30 psi to 150 psi (2.1 bar to 10.3 bar).

A stainless steel foam solution strainer (on CGFLR-30-FP only) is provided at the foam maker inlet. The strainer is secured by a snap retaining ring to allow removal for inspection and cleaning.


CHEMGUARD CGFLR-30-FP and CGFLR-90-FP Rim Seal Foam Pourers are air-aspirating foam discharge devices that are designed to protect floating roof, flammable liquid storage tanks. Specifically, the protected storage tanks must be opentop construction with either double-deck or pontoon-type floating roofs.

Rim seal foam pourers are used with various types of proportioning systems such as bladder tanks, balanced pressure pump proportioning systems, or line proportioners. The foam pourers can be used with appropriate CHEMGUARD low-expansion foam agents.