High Expansion Foam Generator

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CHEMGUARD High-Expansion Foam Generators produce large volumes of foam by coating a stainless steel perforated metal screen with high-expansion foam solution and expanding it with airflow generated by a water-powered fan. When used with CHEMGUARD C2 2% High-Expansion Foam Concentrate, these generators are capable of producing finished foam with expansion ratios from 332:1 up to 891:1, depending on the model and operating pressure.


  • UL Listed and CE Marked
  • LNG specific models available
  • Water-powered so no electrical power is required
  • Foam capacities of up to 27,552 cfm (780 cmm)


CHEMGUARD High-Expansion Foam Generators are intended for use in total flooding or local application high-expansion foam systems. Total flooding high-expansion foam systems are commonly used to protect the following hazards:

  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Hazardous waste storage areas
  • Ship holds
  • Engine rooms

Local application foam systems are commonly used to protect aircraft hangars. High-expansion foam systems are also frequently used to protect LNG facilities. These systems are typically used to control the vaporization rate of LNG spills or reduce the intensity of LNG fires by controlling the rate of vapor release.

Note: High-expansion foam generators used in LNG applications typically require expansion ratios of approximately 500:1.

Protective Coatings

All generator models are painted using a Corrosion Resistant Epoxy (Epoxy CR) paint system on the housings, supports, and guard screens. Fans are painted using a powder paint system to ensure adherence and paint durability. Both paint systems have been subjected to and passed a minimum of 3,000 hours in salt spray corrosion testing and are suitable for marine and offshore use. The stainless steel foam screens are not painted to avoid inhibiting foam production.

Approvals and Certifications

UL Listed
CHEMGUARD High-Expansion Foam Generators are UL Listed for use with CHEMGUARD C2 2% High-Expansion Foam Concentrate.

CE Marked
All models are CE Marked in conformance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Operation and Maintenance

Refer to the CHEMGUARD High-Expansion Foam Generator Operation and Maintenance Manual for detailed procedures on installation, operation, and maintenance. A printed copy of this manual is included with every generator.