Automatic Roof Door Vents

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CHEMGUARD Automatic Roof Door Vents utilize gas spring operators with integral dampers for controlled opening of the doors to prevent damage to the doors or building. The doors are held closed by a latching mechanism which utilizes a separate latching point for each door. The latch is held in place by a UL Listed 165 °F (74 °C) fusible link and releases automatically when the fusible link melts or is disengaged by a hydraulic cylinder operated by foam solution pressure supplied when the high-expansion foam system operates. The latching mechanism can also be released manually using interior or exterior pull cables. Once open, the door covers are locked in place by the hold open feature of the gas spring operators.


  • UL Listed for use as an automatic smoke vent
  • FM Approved as an automatic door vent for use in highexpansion foam systems
  • Available in multiple sizes and corrosion-resistant materials, including galvanized steel and aluminum
  • Designed to open against snow and wind load and lock in the open position
  • Doors are fully insulated and curbs supplied with permanent gaskets for weather-resistant performance


The CHEMGUARD Automatic Roof Door Vent is intended for use with the CHEMGUARD Water Powered High-Expansion Foam Generators. Automatic door vents are required when installing an air intake to facilitate supplying outside air to CHEMGUARD Water Powered High-Expansion Foam Generators (see data sheet Form No. CG-2016005, latest revision). The doors are weather tight and are normally closed until actuated either by foam solution pressure supplied to the high-expansion foam generators or thermal release of a UL Listed fusible link.


CHEMGUARD Automatic Roof Door Vents carry the following listings and approvals:

  • UL Listed by the manufacturer as an automatic smoke vent (UL 793 and UL 790 Class A)
  • FM Approved for use in high-expansion foam systems (FM 5130)