In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioners Models CIBP, CIBP-M

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The in-line balanced pressure proportioning system functions by maintaining an equal pressure in the foam concentrate and water inlets to the proportioner. This balancing ability allows the proportioner to be used over a wide range of flows and pressures. The system will also respond quickly and accurately to changes in the water inlet pressures and flow rates.

The system utilizes a positive displacement foam pump to pressurize foam concentrate within the supply manifold. A pressure control valve, located in the return line that leads to the foam concentrate storage tank, is set to maintain a regulated pressure in the supply manifold that is higher than the pressure in the water supply line. The foam concentrate that is not required by the proportioner is returned to the atmospheric storage tank through the pressure control valve. The spool valve senses the foam concentrate pressure and automatically adjusts to balance it with the water pressure.

A duplex pressure gauge provides a reading of the foam concentrate and water pressures.

The foam concentrate then enters the proportioner, where a built-in orifice regulates the flow of pressurized foam concentrate entering the water stream.

The units are available in six standard sizes to supply proportioners ranging from 2 in. to 8 in. with flow rates from 30 gpm to 5,500 gpm (114 Lpm to 20,820 Lpm) as listed under the System Information Table. Each unit consists of a foam proportioner, pressure balancing spool valve, duplex gauge, various control valves, drain valves, check valves, interconnecting brass pipe and fittings, stainless steel braid flexible pressure sensing hoses, and valve identification nameplates. The CIBP-M models are also provided with a manual foam balancing valve. The in-line balanced pressure proportioner is factory pressure tested after being assembled.


  • Six standard sizes to handle a wide range of flows with minimal friction loss
  • Spool valve design ensures accurate pressure regulation and rapid response to changes in flow demand
  • Brass foam concentrate piping with stainless steel trim accessories standard for use in marine applications and other corrosive environments
  • Compatible with all CHEMGUARD foam concentrates
  • Choice of unpainted brass or standard red paint finish


CHEMGUARD In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioners are used with an atmospheric foam concentrate tank and a positive displacement foam concentrate pump. In-line balanced pressure proportioners are designed to accurately control the flow of a foam liquid concentrate into a water stream over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Advantages of the in-line balanced pressure proportioner include the following:

  • Multiple proportioning devices can be used with a single pressurized foam concentrate supply.
  • Foam concentrate can be proportioned near the discharge devices while the foam concentrate storage tank and pump are placed in a remote location.
  • Water supply pressure can vary at proportioners under simultaneous operation without affecting foam solution concentration.
  • Various sizes of in-line balanced pressure proportioners can be combined in a single system to best suit the flow requirements of each hazard area.


The CHEMGUARD CIBP in-line proportioner is UL Listed with various CHEMGUARD foam concentrates. For specific concentrates and corresponding flow ranges, consult Tyco Fire Protection Products Technical Services.