Ultra-Wide™ Proportioner

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The CHEMGUARD ULTRA-WIDE proportioner is designed to provide the correct amount of foam concentrate to mix with a water stream over a wide range of flows.  This device is completely mechanical, requiring no electrical connections, and requires no scheduled maintenance once installed and tested for proper operation.


  • No special pressure restricting devices are needed for system operation over a wide range of flows and pressures
  • UL Listed, 20 gpm (76 Lpm) to 2,500 gpm (9,464 Lpm)


The CHEMGUARD ULTRA-WIDE proportioner is designed for operation in balanced-pressure type systems, specifically those that include bladder tanks, where both the water and concentrate pressures at the proportioner are equal.


The CHEMGUARD ULTRA-WIDE proportioner is assembled in a bronze casting having a 6 in. ANSI Class 150 raised face flanged water inlet and solution outlet, and a 2 in. ANSI Class 150 raised face flanged concentrate inlet. The proportioner has an internal water float operating against a spring inside a tapered throat. The water float is attached to a hollow shaft with a slotted orifice that is exposed to the concentrate inlet. As water flow increases, the water float is depressed, exposing a portion of the slotted orifice, thereby allowing concentrate to be injected into the water stream in correct proportion to the water flow. Water pressure at the point of injection is slightly lower than concentrate pressure due to the flow of water around the water float. The water float movement is proportional to the flow of water through the device, resulting in accurate proportioning of foam concentrate with water over a wide range of flows.

Ordering Information

The ULTRA-WIDE Proportioner is not available as a stand-alone item, and must be ordered as part of a complete proportioning system. Chemguard provides a variety of discharge devices suitable for use with the demand proportioner, such as sprinkler heads, foam chambers, and foam makers, monitors and nozzles.

Part No. Foam Concentrate
Z02-021-013 3% AR-AFFF