Balance Pressure Proportioning Pump Skid

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Chemguard Balanced Pressure Proportioning Pump Skids are designed to accurately proportion the foam concentrate into the water stream. The systems operate over a wide range of flows and pressures and do not require any manual adjustment.


  • Six proportioner options to cover a wide range of flow requirements
  • Accurate proportioning is achieved by using a diaphragm type-balancing valve.
  • Schedule 40 black iron pipe is standard for all interconnecting piping. Options using brass or stainless steel are available.
  • Compatible with all Chemguard foam concentrates
  • Name tags used for all valve identification
  • Four lifting lugs provided for easy movement of the skid.
  • Pump skid supplied with manual override capabilities.
  • All Chemguard skids are fully tested and shipped from the factory ready to install.
  • Choice of color and finish is available for all environments using either epoxy or enamel paint.


The Chemguard Balanced Pressure Proportioning Pump Skid contains all necessary components including control valves, proportioning controller(s), duplex gauge, and positive displacement foam concentrate pump with electric motor, motor starter and all interconnecting piping. The complete unit is mounted on a structural steel base for stability. Optional drivers include diesel and gasoline.


The following table lists the nominal flow range for each size-proportioning unit. The flow rates for other foam concentrates may vary.  Please consult the engineering department at Chemguard for specific applications.

Size AR-AFFF gpm (lpm) AFFF gpm (lpm)
2 ½” 130-400 (492-1514) 40-400 (151-1514)
3” 245-700 (927-2649) 70-750 (264-2839)
4” 400-1500
6” 960-3000
8” 1510-4500
6” Ultrawide 20-2500 (76-9463) 20-2500 (76-9463)


When ordering please supply the following:

  • Type and percentage of foam concentrate
  • Minimum and maximum static and residual water pressure available at the proportioning controller(s).
  • Minimum and maximum foam solution flows expected.
  • Type of power supply required
  • Type of paint finish and color

Chemguard does not recommend using more than one proportioning unit on each skid.