Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks

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The CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tank is a steel pressure vessel which stores foam concentrate contained within an elastomeric bladder. The concentrate is discharged from the tank by incoming water applying pressure to the bladder. This applied energy is transferred to the foam concentrate, supplying pressurized foam concentrate to the proportioner.

Trim Piping and Connections

CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks are available in models up to 3,000 gal (11,356 L). All models are piped for top discharge of foam concentrate and include a stainless steel CHEMGUARD Hydraulic Concentrate Control Valve. Note: For automatic operation, the sensing line to the CHEMGUARD Hydraulic Concentrate Control Valve must be piped in the field.

The proportioner and carbon steel spool pipes are factory installed with the direction of flow from left to right when viewed from the piping side of the tank. Spool pipes are sized to match the proportioner selected and lengths are a minimum of five pipe diameters upstream and two and a half pipe diameters downstream of the proportioner. The supplied spool pipes are grooved for use with grooved couplings. Adapters to facilitate use of flanged connections are available separately.

The pre-piped trim consists of brass pipe with bronze manual ball valves and includes all valves required for manual or automatic operation. All manual valves are clearly identified by permanently attached nameplates and can be secured in position with included ring pins and tamper seals. To facilitate automatic operation, a CHEMGUARD Hydraulic Concentrate Control Valve is factory installed in the foam concentrate discharge piping.

Protective Coatings

All CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks feature a high-build epoxy internal coating. Exterior paint is available in two grades: Standard and Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy (Epoxy CR). Paint systems used on CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks have been subjected to and passed salt spray corrosion testing per ASTM B117-90. Standard paint has been tested to a minimum of 240 hours in accordance with UL 162, UL Subject 139, and FM 5130. Epoxy CR paint has been tested to a minimum of 3,000 hours and is suitable for marine and offshore use.

Support and Mounting

Horizontal tanks are supported by two saddles with slotted holes for mounting. Refer to dimensional drawings for mounting hole spacing.

Horizontal Tanks
Diameter Nominal Capacity Mounting Slot Size
24 in. to 42 in. (610 mm to 1,067 mm) 100 gal to 400 gal (379 L to 1,514 L) 5/8 in. x 1 1/4 in. (16 mm x 32 mm)
48 in. (1,219 mm) 500 gal to 800 gal (1,893 L to 7,570 L) 7/8 in x 1 1/4 in. (22 mm x 32 mm)
60 in. to 72 in. (1,524 mm to 1,829 mm) 900 gal to 3,000 gal (3,407 L to 11,356 L) 1 in x 1 1/4 in. (25 mm x 32 mm)

All included piping and valves are supported by the tank. No additional support or bracing of piping is required under normal circumstances. Included piping is not designed to support loading from external piping connections. Appropriate piping supports should be used on field piping to avoid damage.

Each tank is fitted with two lifting lugs designed to lift the empty weight of the tank with a minimum safety factor of 2 when utilizing appropriate slings rigged at a lifting angle of not less than 30 degrees from horizontal. All lifting lugs have a minimum clear hole size of 2 in. (50 mm).

Internal Components

CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks contain an elastomeric bladder that has been approved for use by Underwriter’s Laboratory and FM Approvals with various CHEMGUARD foam concentrates. Horizontal CHEMGUARD Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks utilize a center tubes to facilitate agent discharge. Center tubes are constructed of materials compatible with CHEMGUARD foam concentrates. Horizontal tanks utilize two center tubes, one oriented horizontally and one oriented vertically, connected by a cross fitting.

Sight Gauge

A sight gauge is available as an optional accessory for CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks for estimation of the fill level in the tank. The sight gauge is equipped with a clear 1 in. (25 mm) PVC tube. The sight gauge is shipped as a loose item and must be assembled on the tank during installation.

Thermal Relief Valve

A thermal relief valve is available as an option for CHEMGUARD bladder tanks. A thermal relief valve should be used when the bladder tank will be stored in an isolated/hydraulically locked condition in order to relieve pressure due to thermal expansion. This valve is factory set to 175 psi (12 bar) and it is recommended that the design pressure of the system be maintained at least 5 psi (0.34 bar) or 10% below the set pressure of the valve to avoid seat leakage and early valve maintenance. This valve is NOT a substitute for a properly sized ASME pressure relief valve to protect the entire system from overpressure.

ASME Information

CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest revisions to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 for unfired pressure vessels with a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 175 psi (12.1 bar) and tested to the pressure specified by the applicable codes and standards. Tanks designed to ASME code are tested to at least 230 psi (15.9 bar). CE marked tanks are tested to at least 255 psi (17.6 bar). All CHEMGUARD bladder tanks are constructed of steel complying with ASME specifications. Tank heads are 2:1 elliptical unless otherwise specified.

All CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks include a permanently affixed stainless steel ASME data plate. At a minimum, the data plate includes the following information: year of manufacture, maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), nominal volume, part number, National Board number, minimum material thickness, minimum design metal temperature (MDMT), and type of head used.


  • Pre-piped configurations with a wide selection of proportioner sizes, including the ULTRAWIDE CL for closed-head sprinkler systems
  • Includes all components required for use in an automatic or manually operated system
  • UL Listed and FM Approved for use with various CHEMGUARD proportioners and foam concentrates
  • 175 psi (12.1 bar)maximum allowable working pressure (design pressure)
  • Nominal capacities up to 3,000 gal (11,356 L) with larger tanks available on special request
  • Choice of Standard or Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy exterior paint, available in a variety of colors
  • Optional sight gauge and thermal pressure relief valves available


The CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tank is a complete balanced pressure proportioning system inclusive of a proportioner and all of the valves and piping required for either manual or automatic operation. These tanks are intended for use where is it desirable to have the proportioning system pre-assembled with fixed dimensions known, eliminating field assembly of loose components and uncertainty in the layout of the foam equipment room. CHEMGUARD pre-piped bladder tanks can be used with most CHEMGUARD foam concentrates and any suitable discharge device to complete the foam system.

CHEMGUARD Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks require only a pressurized water supply for operation. No other external power is required. As with standard CHEMGUARD bladder tanks, they can be used in a variety of applications, including aircraft hangars, foam-water sprinkler systems, truck loading racks, and helipads.

Approvals and Certifications

CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks are UL Listed and FM Approved for use with various CHEMGUARD foam concentrates. FM Approval only valid when used in conjunction with the optional Hydraulic Concentrate Control Valve Supervision Retrofit Kit. The UL mark and FM Approval diamond are applied at the factory along with a label identifying the CHEMGUARD foam concentrate for use in the tank. Every tank bears a permanently affixed ASME data plate showing the National Board number which identifies the tank as compliant with ASME code Section VIII, Division 1 for unfired pressure vessels.

CHEMGUARD Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks 200 gal (757 L) and larger are CE marked in conformance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EU. Under European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, tanks smaller than 200 gal (757 L) are acceptable based on sound engineering practices of ASME code and cannot be CE marked.