Truck-Mounted High-X Unit

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Chemguard Mobile Dual High Expansion Foam Generator was created to give users the ability to bring versatility to volume foam suppression. Users can now combat extremely volatile situations where other apparatus or methods have been ineffective. The unit can easily be mounted on a flat bed truck, trailer, or custom engineered to fit on most mobile apparatus. The first of its kind was specifically designed and built for the City of Chicago Fire Department.

The Dual Generator is not dependent on water pressure or electricity for operation. Two robust type hydraulic motors drive the generators. The expansion of the foam solution is achieved by spraying the solution onto a stainless steel inverted cone screen, and then an air stream created by the fan attached to the hydraulic motor forces air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles. The continuous flow of the foam solution and the movement of air through the screen will generate large volumes of foam.


  • Rotating Base: Swivels the unit 180 degrees in either directional lowing adjustment for optimum airflow as well as direct the flow of foam.
  • Hydraulic Driven: Allows fan blades to rotate at top performance speeds independent of outside variable input sources.
  • Separate Left and Right Controls: Allows the operator to independently control the dual generators.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Premium resistance against harsh conditions.
  • Inlet Pressure Gauge: Keeps the operator clearly informed of the incoming water pressure.
  • Positive Centering Latch: Assures that the unit is centered and secure during transportation. This latch is engaged automatically anytime the unit is rotated to the center position.
  • Mechanical Brake: Locks the unit at desired position during operation.
  • Auxiliary Concentrate Connection: Adds a backup input source for concentrate via a 1.5”Cam-Lock connection. A matching hose and pick-up “Stinger” with valve is furnished to allow concentrate to be used from pails, drums, or foam trailer.
  • Automatic Water Drain Valve: Automatically drains the water inlet manifold anytime water pressure drops below 6 PSI.
  • Secondary Water Drain Valve: Easily drains water or residual solution from the low points in the pluming to prevent residue buildup and to help prevent remaining water in the pluming from freezing.
  • Discharge Chute Retaining Band: Designed for one-person operation, these bands secure the optional discharge chutes in place during operation.
  • Inverted Stainless Steel Cone: Increases the surface area of the output screen while greatly reducing the overall footprint of the unit.
  • 210 GPM Eductors: Two corrosion resistant brass eductors insure the correct amount of concentrate is proportioned.

Typical Hazards

Typical situations where Chemguard’s Mobil Dual High Expansion Foam Generator may be used to help prevent, suppress, and extinguish.

  • Basement Fires
  • LNG Tank Farms / Loading Facilities
  • Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities
  • Warehouse Fires
  • LNG/LPG Spills
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Tunnels
  • Parking Garages

Ordering Information

Each unit will be custom engineered to fit the customer’s specific application. Please contact Chemguard directly for your custom solution.