4000 GPM High-Flow Monitor Trailer

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The Chemguard High Flow Mobile Foam Water Monitors are rugged and dependable devices designed for use where high flows of water or foam are required. They have the capability of being skid mounted or mobile. When trailer mounted, the units can be easily towed to the emergency site. The trailer base, frame and monitor assemblies are manufactured in carbon steel and painted with red polyurethane paint. (Other paint options available on request.)

The monitor is easy to place into operation. Worm gear drive hand wheels control elevation and horizontal movement. The nozzle is a constant flow device and changing the nozzle discharge pattern from straight stream to wide-angle fog during operation will not alter the flow. The remote jet pump controllers supplied with water from the monitor water supply system are utilized to pick up foam concentrate and feed a rich foam solution through a fire hose to the foam diffuser at the nozzle where it mixes with the main monitor water supply.

NOTE: It is recommended by Chemguard that the operational manual supplied with the monitor be read and the operating guidelines understood before any testing or operation of the monitor.


Full 6” (150 mm) carbon steel waterway with pressure gauge. Horizontal and vertical worm gear drive with positive elevation stops, and is capable of full 360 rotations. Grease fittings at all swivel connections provide lubrication to all bearing surfaces.


High performance foam-water nozzle that can be adjusted to give a pre-set flow of 2,000 gpm, 3,000 gpm or 4,000 gpm. The nozzle and foam concentrate passages are constructed of aluminum with the nozzle having a full discharge pattern selection capability of wide-angle fog to straight stream during operation. The foam solution inlet into the nozzle from the jet pump controller is by two 2 ½” NST connection. Grease fittings on the nozzle ensure smooth operation when rotating the nozzle through its discharge patterns.

Foam Concentrate Controllers (Jet Pumps)

Jet pump controllers are used to supply the monitor with the correct quantity of foam concentrate through 2½” (63 mm) hoses. The jet pump controllers have 1½” (38 mm) FNST inlets; 2½” (63mm) MNST outlets and 2” (60 mm) MNPT inlet for the foam concentrate pickup hose assembly. A preset foam concentrate inlet orifice is supplied with each controller based on the standard monitor foam solution flow rate. Other orifices are available if non-standard monitor flow rates are required. The pickup hose assembly is 10’ in length and has a tube attached that is suitable for use with 55-gallon(210 liter) drums. When using 3% foam concentrate one controller is required for monitor flows up to2,000 gpm. Two controllers are required for monitor flows greater than 2,000 gpm or for 6% application at 2,000 gpm.


Carbon steel construction with non-skid deck, trailer hitch, four stabilizer jacks, and one tongue jack that swings away at the front of the trailer. The four outrigger jacks retract when not in use. The trailer has a single axle, with 3000 lb. Suspension and 20.5X8-10 Load Range E tires. Water supply connections on the trailer for the monitors are two 5” (125-mm) Storz couplings on the 2,000-gpm units. The 3,000 and 4,000-gpm units are supplied with three 5” (125 mm) Storz water inlets. The trailer is equipped with full DOT required lighting, and can be furnished with electric or surge hydraulic brakes, if required. A Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle is supplied with every trailer.


In still air to the center of the impact area/footprint with nozzle at 35 above the horizontal, straight stream/ nozzle inlet pressure, at:

Discharge Pressure 80 PSI (5.5 BAR) 100 PSI (7 BAR)
Model 2000 GPM 245 ft. (75m) 275 ft. (84m)
Model 3000 GPM 260 ft. (79m) 285 ft.(87m)
Model 4000 GPM 275 ft. (84m) 300 ft. (91m)


Part No: Description
CHFMT2 Standard Trailer with 2 x5” Storz inlets, monitor, 2,000 gpm Foam-Water nozzle and jet pump controller
CHFMT3 Standard Trailer with 3 x 5” Storz inlets, monitor, 3,000 gpm Foam-Water nozzle, 2 x jet pump controllers
CHFMT4 Standard Trailer with 3 x 5” Storz inlets, monitor, 4,000 gpm Foam-Water nozzle, 2 x jet pump controllers
*CHFM High Flow Monitor Only (Monitor inlet 6” flange)
*CHFN2 High Flow Nozzle Only 2000 gpm
*CHFN3 High Flow Nozzle Only 3000 gpm
*CHFN4 High Flow Nozzle Only 4000 gpm
CJPC3 Jet Pump Controller with pick-up tube and 50’ length of discharge hose. (Must designate nozzle size)

*Also available as separate monitor and/or nozzles

Note: Nozzles from other manufacturers and special “Tiller Bar” type monitors are available.


Approximate Dry Weight:

2000 GPM – 1,800 lbs. (816 kg)
3000 GPM – 2,100 lbs. (953 kg)
4000 GPM – 2,300 lbs. (1043 kg)

Approximate Dimensions:

Overall length of Trailer – 155” (3937mm)
Width – 90” (2286mm)
Overall width with outriggers extended – 127” (3226mm)
Height – 63” (1600mm)