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Chemguard Simufoam is a specially formulated, biodegradable, synthetic foam concentrate, which has been specifically designed for use as a training foam on LP Gas fired TRAINING simulators. Simufoam is used where simulated foam training with handline nozzles is required and when foam proportioning systems on mobile equipment must be checked. Simufoam may be used through air-aspirating foam nozzles, standard water fog and large monitor nozzles. When used through the same nozzle as an AFFF, it will produce foam, which has similar characteristics such as expansion and drainage but without the film forming properties.


  • For use on live LPG fueled fires at training facilities ONLY
  • Suitable for use with fresh or salt water
  • Suitable for use with air-aspirating and standard water fog nozzles
  • If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render product completely serviceable
  • Suitable for use with all siliconized dry chemical agents
  • Suitable at either 3% or 6% proportioning rate


  • Fixed or in-line eductors
  • Handline air-aspirating nozzles with fixed eductor pickup tube
  • Around the pump proportioning systems


Appearance Colorless Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.0 g/ml
pH 7.0
Viscosity 3 cps


Chemguard Simufoam is biodegradable, low in toxicity and can be treated in sewage treatment plants. Simufoam concentrate is not manufactured with raw materials that are listed as reportable on any Federal Register. Please refer to the Chemguard bulletin regarding foam products and the environment.


If kept in the original unopened and airtight Chemguard supplied container and stored within the temperature range of 35ºF –120ºF, a shelf life of between 20 - 25 years can be expected. When stored in other than the Chemguard supplied container, please call for storage guidelines.


Part No: Container Weight
CSFP 5-Gallon Pail / 19 Liters 45 lbs.
CSFD 55-Gallon Drum / 208 Liters 495 lbs.
CSFBD 330-Gallon Tote / 1249 Liters 3000 lbs.