36 Gallon Bladder Tank/Foam Station

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Bladder Tank

The 36 gallon capacity bladder tank stores a foam liquid concentrate in an elastomeric bladder. The concentrate is discharged from the tank by incoming water applying pressure to the bladder. This applied energy is transferred to the concentrate, which is forced through the concentrate discharge line to any size CHEMGUARD proportioner.

Bladder Tank With Proportioner/Foam Station

The bladder tank is available pre-piped to a 2 in. proportioner consisting of a body, inlet nozzle and metering orifice, all of which are corrosion-resistant brass. The metering orifice is sized according to the type and percentage of concentrate used and is secured with a stainless steel retaining ring. The proportioner is connected to the pressurized water line and concentrate discharge line. It properly regulates the amount of concentrate injected into the water stream over a wide flow range. The foam solution is then supplied to a handline nozzle or other appropriate foam discharge device.


The CHEMGUARD 36 Gallon Bladder Tank, when coupled with a standard proportioner, becomes a self-contained foam proportioning system which requires no external power supply other than pressurized water. Compact in size, these bladder tanks and foam stations are ideal for supplying foam solution to various handline nozzles. Other design applications include small fixed systems protecting flammable liquid storage areas. Fixed systems typically use sprinkler heads, foam makers or other types of foam discharge devices available from Tyco Fire Protection Products to provide uniform foam blanketing over the hazard area.

The CHEMGUARD 36 Gallon Foam Station satisfies the guidelines of NFPA 409 for supplementary foam-water hand hose line system for aircraft hanger protection. Other applications include use in and around off-shore platforms, truck loading racks, chemical process/refining plants and heliports.


Bladder Tank

The CHEMGUARD 36 Gallon Bladder Tank carries the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code stamp, is UL Listed and FM approved with various CHEMGUARD proportioner and foam concentrate combinations as indicated in the proportioner foam systems data sheet.

Bladder Tank With Proportioner/Foam Station

The CHEMGUARD 36 gallon tank with 2 in. proportioner is UL Listed with various CHEMGUARD foam concentrates. For specific concentrates and corresponding flow ranges, consult Tyco Fire Protection Products Technical Services.