Vertical Bladder Tanks

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The Chemguard Bladder Tank is one component in a balanced pressure foam proportioning system.  It requires no external power, other than the water pressure to ensure correct operation.  The vertical and horizontal bladder tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest revisions to ASME code, Section VIII for unfired pressure vessels with a working pressure of 175 psi and tested to 1.3 times this pressure.


The tank shell is constructed of steel, complying with ASME specifications, possessing a tensile strength of not less than 70,000 psi.  The circumferential, as well as the longitudinal body seam, are machine welded.  The tank interior welds and edges are ground smooth.

The tank shell water inlet and tank shell water drain is screened to prevent bladder blow out or the entrapment of debris between the tank shell and the bladder. 

The vertical tank assembly is supported by four legs with access to the bladder drain/fill valve and the tank shell drain/fill valve.  Four feet are provided for anchoring the tank.  The horizontal assembly is supported on two saddles welded to the tank and fitted with anchoring holes.


  • UL Listed
  • Bladder is manufactured of a vinyl based polymer, or a polyester reinforced copolymer. The bladder material shall have an ASTM D-412 Tensile Strength of at least 3000 psi and an ASTM D-624 Graves Tear Strength of at least 420 lbs./in.
  • Tanks are supplied with permanently mounted brass trim valves with Teflon seats.
  • All valves are labeled showing normal working position and function.
  • Lifting lugs are permanently welded to the tank with eyes of approximately 2” diameter.
  • Both the vertical and horizontal tanks contain a perforated PVC center tube that assures maximum agent discharge.
  • All tanks are approximately 10% oversized to allow for any thermal expansion of the foam concentrate.
  • All tanks are supplied with a label, which identifies the type of foam concentrate the system is designed for, the percentage ratio and the tank size.
  • Tanks are painted red enamel


  • Coal tar epoxy for coating the interior shell of the tank (for use in salt-water environment)
  • Sight Glass
  • Proportioner prepiped onto tank assembly
  • Red epoxy finish
  • Custom fabrication of specialty materials, dimensions and capacities
  • Actuated valves for water/concentrate
  • Stainless steel or brass trim
  • Insulation and heat tracing packages


Please specify the following:

  • Type of tank required, Horizontal or Vertical
  • Size of tank
  • Exterior finish of tank
  • Whether required for salt water environment
  • Any other options required