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CHEMGUARD 6% AFFF INTL AVIATION is a specially formulated synthetic aqueous film forming foam concentrate. This foam is intended for use at a proportioning rate of 6% (6 parts concentrate to 94 parts water) on Class B hydrocarbon type fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. AFFF type concentrates are not intended for use on fuels, which are polar solvent/water miscible such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc.

Typical Properties At 77 °f (25 °c)
Appearance Clear Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.03
Ph 7.8 - 8.2
Viscosity 2 - 5 cs


  • Rapid flame knockdown
  • Suitable for use with fresh or salt water
  • Excellent wetting characteristics when used in combating Class “A” fuel fires
  • Suitable for use with both aspirating foam and standard water fog nozzles
  • Suitable for use with deluge or closed head foam water sprinkler systems
  • If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render product completely serviceable again
  • Suitable for use with carbon steel, fiberglass, polyethylene or stainless steel.
  • Suitable for use with siliconized dry chemical extinguishing agents

Listings and Approvals

CAN/ULC-S560 Foam Liquid Concentrate


  • Aircraft Rescue Firefighting
  • Storage Tanks (non-polar solvent fuels only)
  • Truck/Rail Loading or Unloading Facilities
  • Processing/Storage Facilities
  • Docks/Marine Tankers
  • Flammable Liquid Containment Areas
  • Mobile Equipment
Discharge Devices
  • Standard water fog nozzles for handlines and monitors
  • Air-aspirating foam nozzles
  • Foam Chambers
  • Air-aspirating and non air-aspirating sprinkler heads or spray nozzles
  • Foam makers for use with either Floating Roof storage tanks or Dike/Bund protection systems
  • High back pressure foam makers for subsurface base injection system (hydrocarbon type fuels only)
  • Fixed or portable in-line eductors
  • In-line balanced pressure and pump pressure proportioning skid
  • Bladder tank balanced pressure proportioning systems
  • Around the pump proportioners
  • Handline, air-aspirating nozzles with fixed eductor pickup tube


Foaming Properties

When this product is proportioned correctly, aspirating type discharge devices can generate expansion ratios between 6-10 to 1. Non-aspirating type devices will typically generate expansion ratios of between 2-4 to 1. Expansion ratios are dictated by the type of Discharge Devices, flow rate and discharge pressure.


CHEMGUARD 6% AFFF INTL AVIATION. is compatible with any other comparable AFFF manufactured in accordance with and conforming to all performance requirements of CAN/ULC-S560 or any preceding version of this specification.


If kept in the original unopened and airtight CHEMGUARD supplied container and stored within the temperature range of 35 °F-120 °F (2 °C to 49 °C) a shelf life of between 20-25 years can be expected. When stored in other than the manufacturers supplied container, please check with CHEMGUARD for storage guidelines.

Ordering Information

Part No:
5 gal (19 L)
47 lb
55 gal (208 L)
520 lb

Environmental Impact

CHEMGUARD C601C is biodegradable, low in toxicity and can be treated in sewage treatment plants. Please refer to CHEMGUARD Technical Bulletin regarding foam products and the environment.