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Water-Powered Oscillating Monitors

Chemguard's unique, UL listed, water-powered oscillating monitors provide rapid blanketing for combating fires in aircraft hangars, on helicopter decks, and in tank farms and other high-risk areas.  The activating force for Chemguard oscillating monitors comes directly from the water inlet to a turbine waterwheel.  Because we have eliminated the need for filtration and the risk of blocked filters or small orifices, our water-powered oscillating monitors inherently are the most reliable oscillating monitors in the industry. 

Easy to set up and use, Chemguard low-maintenance water-powered oscillating monitors offer flow rates to 1,250 gallons per minute with a 3-inch waterway and 1,600 gallons per minute with a 4-inch waterway.  Users can specify a preset spray arc (such as covering an aircraft wing shadow area) at adjustable oscillation speeds (0 to 30 degrees per second).    No external wiring or hydraulic controls are required.


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